Therapy and Coaching is about YOU…

…your hopes, your desires for change, your needs, and your willingness to do the work.

People seek therapy for many reasons. Oftentimes, the causes are important life transitions, such as major decisions, setbacks, and major loss.

However, therapy can help you prepare to face other life challenges that cause suffering or keep you from performing at your best.

Don’t wait around until the crisis hits.

Therapy isn’t just a thing we do in the aftermath of a life event, but also an opportunity to gain insight and to take preventative measures.

No matter the catalyst, we all want solutions and relief.

This is where I come in. I can help.

It’s my job to support you in deeply trusting your potential.

I’ll meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.

Remember, this is about YOU.

I’ll truly strive to understand you, how you feel, and where you’re coming from, in a way that’s approachable and present.

I’m here to collaborate with you and add direction, fuel, and accountability to your adventure.

Let me partner with you on your future success!

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About Me

I spent my youth immersed in New York City’s diverse culture, exploring good eats, mingling with people from all corners of the world and most importantly, attending live theater.

I was entranced by everything Broadway: the exquisite song and dance, the glamorous sets, and the impassioned acting. Performance art, live or on film, is a very powerful way of relating and connecting with others, which ultimately, allows you to be open, compassionate and empathetic.

The value of human emotion and empathy further piqued my interest into the human condition, an experience that is very unique and yet, so universal.

As a drama and film enthusiast, I majored in Theater after I headed south to Durham, NC to attend Duke University.

Upon graduating in 2006, I lived in Los Angeles and even interned for Academy Award-winning producers. But although the glamour of Hollywood had its allure, I yearned to apply my artistic craft towards a deeper, more fulfilling need to connect with, and help, others.

I returned to the Big Apple to pursue my Masters in Social Work at NYU, where I realized that all my years spent exploring the measure of the human soul via character analysis and performance art, only honed my skills as a clinician.

Since then, I’ve been providing a safe space for self-acceptance and personal growth for my clients, and helping them build confidence and navigate unanticipated challenges on their own.

Today, I continue to be a fan of the opera, live shows and sports, and of course, college basketball.

I’m also fluent in Korean.