Anxiety, burnout and depression enter into your life.

They move in. They make themselves comfortable. And try to settle in. Negative emotions and neurotic thoughts create feedback loops that pummel us into submission. There’s little anybody can do but find a corner and take cover from the blows.

Without an unbiased witness there to reflect your experience clearly, there is little room to breathe. Options begin to dwindle.

This can’t go on forever.

Self-defeating thoughts and behaviors start to feel like an endless merry-go-round.

Negative and problematic thinking begin to cause relationship conflicts and problems at work. Performance is slipping.

All this leads to more time alone and a myopia of dread.

Grab the hand that’s reaching out.

Speaking to an objective third party, someone outside of your life, can be extremely helpful. Psychotherapy focuses on identifying and changing the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors that are associated with emotional and psychological duress.

A therapy approach also focuses on the past and present, and how the former contributes to the latter.

In our sessions, I encourage you to bring awareness to past distressing experiences. This promotes insight and healing.

We will explore ways in which we can challenge your thoughts and work collaboratively to dismantle your destructive loops. We will take a step into a world of possibilities.

You don’t have to believe everything you think.

Everything can change in an instant. Using evidence-based therapies that are more focused on the here and now (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACT and Mindfulness), I will help you gain clarity, attain wellness and set you up for your ideal life and vision of success.

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